Status: Though the term physical literacy (alfabetización física in Spanish) has not been used or discussed in the national literature in Venezuela, or in the national education system, there are objectives and a vision that align with the concept of physical literacy.[66]   

Leadership and Funding: The government funds and supports the Ministry of People’s Power for Sports, which in turn supports Mission Barrio (see below). 

Sector and Venue: Physical literacy is taught and developed through organized sport and active play, in community park settings, and practiced/delivered in a holistic manner that includes affective, cognitive, and physical components.

Sample Program: Barrio Adentro Deportivo (sport within the suburb), later changed to Mission Barrio Adentro Deportivo, is a Venezuelan national social welfare program designed to benefit underserved communities and those who historically have had less access to sport activity and health services. The program seeks to provide public sports training, among other things, to poor and marginalized communities in Venezuela. There are five fundamental aspects of this program: a) physical activity for adults, people with different abilities, and pregnant women; b) mentoring in technical aspects to schools in Venezuela; c) training sport monitors; d) physical recreation for all; and e) development of mass participation in sport. Mission has spread into Venezuela’s 24 states and the capital district, offering the following programs: a) grandparents circle; b) dance aerobics; c) physical culture; d) “laboral gymnastics;” e) gymnastics for kids; f) physical reparation for pregnant women; g) chess practice; and h) sport talent schools. The program is inclusive with a vision that aligns with the basic tenets of physical literacy.